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Hollyoaks 11/04 – Sinead interrupts Katy’s funeral

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 1 April 2014
Hollyoaks 11/04 – Sinead interrupts Katy’s funeral© Limepictures

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Friday 11th April


Diane’s farewell is short-lived as a grief-stricken Sinead interrupts, even though Diane told her she’s not welcome at the church.

Will Grace still be intent on following through on her evil plan?

Tegan is devastated to realise the extent of her statement, but when Leela overhears, how will she react?

Ste’s gutted to realise that he’s receiving the full brunt of Fraser’s lies…

Sinead pays her respects to Katy © Limepictures
Emmy Griffiths
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