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Hollyoaks 11/09 - Ash's pole dancing makes Will jealous

by Francesca Menato Published on 3 September 2013
Hollyoaks 11/09 - Ash's pole dancing makes Will jealous© Lime Pictures

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When Freddie tells Sinead he's going to hand himself in to the police she picks a dark route and tell Trevor - has she just made a big mistake?

The Roscoes come together for the anniversary of Alan Roscoe's death while Robbie is interested in Finn's latest discovery.

Cindy finds an unlikely friend in Carmel as they both get drunk together at Cindy's

Maxine and Ash are thrilled with the pole dancing sessions until the police turn up - they haven't got a license.

Will must be thrilled - he spotted Dodger with Ash when she was showing off her moves and felt those familiar pangs of hate.

Dodger gets an eyefull © Lime Pictures