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Hollyoaks 13/07 - Patrick takes Minnie to hospital

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 13/07 - Patrick takes Minnie to hospital

Hollyoaks​ Episode Guide – Monday 13th July


Patrick takes Minnie to hospital with a temperature. Lindsey informs Maxine who immediately rushes to the hospital and causes a scene. Maxine is heartbroken when her daughter doesn’t seem to recognise her.

Maxine contemplates moving away with Darren. Patrick collapses at home and outside, Maxine can hear Minnie crying through the window. She looks through the letterbox and sees Patrick on the floor.

Mercedes and Joe discuss how to tell Lindsey about their baby. Later, Lindsey asks Mercedes if Joe’s the father but Mercedes bottles out of telling her. Joe tells Mercedes he will be walking by the time the baby comes, even though he knows it’s a lie.

Grace despairs as Kim begins to get too close for comfort. Kim makes plans for lunch with Grace but when she gets to The Hutch, Grace is sitting with Esther. Kim comes up with a plan…

Emmy Griffiths
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