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Hollyoaks 14/08 - It’s Porsche’s birthday

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 14/08 - It’s Porsche’s birthday

Hollyoaks​ Episode Guide – Friday 14th August


It’s Porsche’s birthday and while the McQueen’s celebrate with a full-English, Pete cosies up to Cleo. Mercedes gets flirty with Lockie and Cleo is relieved when Porsche bans Reenie and Pete from her party. However, Pete promises to pay for all the food and drink if Porsche lets him and Reenie go to celebrate their engagement – she reluctantly agrees to keep the peace. Delighted that his plan to get closer to Cleo is working, Pete upgrades the girls’ spa day but lies to them that Cleo can’t go. Cleo returns home and Pete tells her everyone has left without her - she’s left alone with him.

Scott continues to flirt outrageously with Ste. He’s delighted when he’s asked to be Hannah’s godfather. Sinead keeps pushing Scott towards Harry, unaware Harry is lusting after Ste. Sinead has a plan to get Scott and Harry alone together and locks them in a porta-loo at the party but it’s actually Ste she’s locked Harry in with.

Mercedes tells Joe that she’s got a scan tomorrow. He hasn’t told her that he might be in his wheelchair for years. Mercedes is suspicious when Lindsey lets something slip about Joe’s prognosis so she confronts him.

Emmy Griffiths
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