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Hollyoaks 15/05 - Disaster strikes at the McQueens

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 15/05 - Disaster strikes at the McQueens

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Friday 15th May


The BBQ sets fire to the McQueen’s house and it’s a race against time for Phoebe to get Porsche and Lockie out. Unbeknown to everyone, Nana is in the house after returning early from her holiday.

Trevor rips down Freddie and Lindsey’s wedding decorations, threatening them to find somewhere else to have their reception, so Nancy offers them The Dog. Elsewhere, Freddie goes to see Grace in prison; he’s got the upper-hand knowing she can’t do anything for fear of losing the baby from Esther. Meanwhile, Trevor calls Darren to help with a job. Darren is shocked when Trevor reveals he has Mercedes tied up in the boot of his car – what are his plans for her?

Jason watches Cindy celebrate her marriage with lust in his eyes.

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