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Hollyoaks 15/08 -Nancy ends up in a rooftop car crash

by Francesca Menato Published on 6 August 2013
Hollyoaks 15/08 -Nancy ends up in a rooftop car crash© Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Thursday 15th August


Back in Hollyoaks Nancy starts to realise the extent of Sienna's manipulation.

Panicked she goes on the run.

She ends up on the roof of a multi storey car park and clips another car.

The crash lands her in a very dangerous position - will she be ok?

Tony is reeling when he notices his hair falling out in clumps.

Ste helps him by shaving the rest of it off - he's not alone in this.

John Paul doesn't know what to do when Frankie tells him she'll only give Chloe the money if Matthew comes to live with her.

Meanwhile exam results are out and Tilly's got the grades she needs - Esther's trying to hide how sad she is that she'll be leaving.

Nancy's car ends up in a crash © Lime Pictures
Francesca Menato
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