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Hollyoaks 15/1 - Pete asks Cleo for money

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 05/01/2016 at 02:00
Hollyoaks 15/1 - Pete asks Cleo for money

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Friday 15th January


Pete asks Cleo for money. She confides in Nathan who purposely leaves The Dog till open for her to help herself. Cleo visits Pete but it looks like he’s succeeding in winning her back round.

Cameron is nervous about the Mr and Mrs competition but Peri has a plan. At the contest, Harry flies through the Team Starry questions, while Cameron is getting his answers from Peri through an ear-piece. However, Peri drops the spy-kit in the river outside The Dog when Alfie taps her on the shoulder and Cameron has to answer the final question on his own.

Tony suggests that him and Alfie should re-do the DNA test.

Emmy Griffiths
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