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Hollyoaks 23/08 - Dodger hits the jockpot

by Francesca Menato ,
Hollyoaks 23/08 - Dodger hits the jockpot© Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Friday 23rd August


Sienna's paranoia gets out of hand but as she goes snooping she gets the wrong end of the stick.

She finds a ring - Jack's for Frankie.

Dirk finds Cindy's motionless body in the stationary cupboard - is she dead?

Mercy and Nana decide to go to Mrs Rahj's house hoping to find something valuable before Paul can get his hands on it.

They enlist Dodger and Dennis to help and Dodger stumbles across a mattress full of £50s, what will he do with them?

Elsewhere, Patrick finds Maxine going through his stuff and he's not happy.

The house is just full of junk © Lime Pictures
The house is just full of junk
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Francesca Menato
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