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Hollyoaks 23/2 - Nico and Jade are confused about Alfie

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 23/2 - Nico and Jade are confused about Alfie

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Tuesday 23rd February


Nico and Jade are confused about why Alfie doesn’t want to do the charity abseil. He’s too busy trying to resurrect the laptop that was found in the plumbing underneath the pub – Dr S’Avage’s laptop with Robbie’s love declaration to Holly and the identity of The Gloved Hand Killer buried inside! The teens are amazed when Alfie gets the laptop working and Nico is especially interested by one of the videos and sends it to her phone…

Robbie is waiting for an answer from Holly when Jason and Freddie come outside, wondering what’s going on. Holly tells Robbie she’s marrying Jason but will she go through with it?

Kim has invited Esther to the wedding as her date after she altered her dress for her. They start kissing but Kim is frustrated when Lindsey asks for her help with Joe. Jason receives an intriguing video message…

Diane is alarmed at the thought of the business being in trouble. Tony tells her he was trying to protect her by not letting her know and Scott suggests they use the wedding as a way to promote their services.

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