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Hollyoaks 24/06 - Tegan threatens to leave with Rose

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 24/06 - Tegan threatens to leave with Rose

Hollyoaks Episode Guide – Wednesday 24th June


Tegan and Diane argue and Tegan threatens to leave with Rose. The village is bustling because of the launch of Price Slice’s new look, and Tegan is horrified to discover Rose is missing from her pram.

Harry and Cleo are sceptical that Louis is the one preying on girls. Holly steals Zack’s house key and shows Harry and Cleo the folder. The teens decide to tell Zack. Elsewhere, Cindy is delighted when she hears the press and Mayor are attending the re-launch of Price Slice and wants to tell them about her writer’s award. Simone opens the new look Price Slice but is furious when she sees the Mayor at The Emporium.

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