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Hollyoaks 27/09 - Dodger comes to Maxine's rescue again

by Francesca Menato Published on 17 September 2013
Hollyoaks 27/09 - Dodger comes to Maxine's rescue again© Lime Pictures

Hollyoaks Episode Guide - Friday 27th September


Fraser and Trevor give Jim and option - they'll get him out if he sells them his half of the club.

A suspicious Lindsey asks Freddie about his involvement in the fire and is shocked when he explains just how much he had to do with it.

Maxine is kicked out by Martha and just as seems to be running out of options she bumps into Dodger who asks her out for a drink.

He really is her knight in shining armour.

Sienna's plans to keep Darren are going perfectly but is Frankie finally wise to her scheming now?

Things aren't going well for Maxine © Lime Pictures