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Hollyoaks 7/10 - The Osbornes prepare for the christening

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Hollyoaks 7/10 - The Osbornes prepare for the christening

Hollyoaks​ Episode Guide – Wednesday 7th October


The Osbornes prepare for the christening and Peri paints on a smile. She takes her daughter for a walk but heads straight to The Brown’s house and leaves her on the doorstep. Peri watches as Angela scoops the baby into her arms. Jack, Tom and Nancy wonder were Peri has gone, concerned they’ll be late for the christening. However, Peri has gone into school and takes a seat next to confused Nico.

Patrick tries to drink his coffee but his leg buckles and he spills it all over himself. Louis offers to help, but embarrassed Patrick orders him to leave. Meanwhile, Sienna and Maxine pull together. Maxine gets a call about Patrick’s accident and takes him some fresh clothes. They both try to contain their emotions as Maxine dresses him. She leaves and Patrick tries to walk across the office unaided, but collapses again. Peri walks past and asks if he needs any help. He roars at her to leave him alone, which makes her cry. Feeling guilty, Patrick invites her into his office and she tells him about giving her daughter away. The pair bonds and Patrick plays her his favourite record. Peri tells Patrick to take control and helps him into his wheelchair.

At home, Patrick tells Maxine that he wants her to help him die.

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