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"Tension" between Victoria and David Beckham over Miami move?

by Francesca Menato ,
"Tension" between Victoria and David Beckham over Miami move?© Getty

Brit national treasures David and Victoria Beckham have been back on their home turf for over six months now and it looks like David's getting itchy feet just as his wife and kids have settled. With a huge football deal in the pipeline it looks like David may be spending a lot of time in Miami...on his own.

Victoria Beckham is not impressed with her husband David's plans to take his work over the Atlantic once again - to Miami.

The ex-footballer is reportedly in the process of sealing a deal to create his own team in the East Coast city - less than a year after his family left LA for London.

But Victoria has finally got her new life in the British capital together and so have their four kids, so it won't be an easy decision for David.

The 39-year-old fashion designer is apparently not prepared to make another move so soon, especially not to a place like Miami.

An insider told Heat magazine: "They made the move to LA really work, and loved their life there.

"But Miami is not somewhere Victoria sees the family moving to and she wouldn't want to uproot her family again.

"David would be there mostly on solo trips.

"It is understandably causing some tension."
The Beckham family © Getty
The Beckham family
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Besides her love of London in terms of lifestyle and career, she has also been enjoying their family life.

Since David played his last professional match in May, he's had much more time to spend at home with his wife and their children.

The source added: "Things have been idyllic, Victoria's been loving the time David's had off; he'd been much more free.

"Now this could take over his life - and in turn, Victoria's.

"She's dreading having more time apart as he flies to Miami for meetings and ultimately games."

As a couple, David and Victoria are highly supportive of each other's careers, but the focus has been on David's for so long now that it's believed London was Posh's turn.

The insider elaborated: "Victoria always supports everything he does 100 per cent. But she loves them all being a family, and having David around in London.

"That was her dream but if the Miami move goes ahead this could all fall apart."

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Victoria Beckham
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Francesca Menato
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