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10 Life Hacks For The Seriously Lazy

by Emmy Griffiths ,
10 Life Hacks For The Seriously Lazy

Sometimes it's so much better, easier and preferable to stay put and not try at ANYTHING. Luckily, the modern world has caught onto this fact of life and has made life so much simpler. Here are our favourite quick fixes for the couch potato in you...

  1. · Wifi kettle
  2. · Self-stirring mug
  3. · Mop shoes
  4. · Sound catch cubic pillow
  5. · Remote control finder
  6. · USB cup warmer
  7. · Book holder
  8. · Hammock
  9. · Motorised ice cream cone
  10. · Banana slicer

Wifi kettle

Download an app to the wifi kettle and boil the kettle anywhere, anytime with just a touch of a button! Then your app will send you an alert when the kettle is boiled (and keep it warm for you if you're not quite ready to go downstairs to pour yourself a cup).

Self-stirring mug

Spoons are a thing of the past. With this mug, all you need to do is add your milk (and sugar if you're a monster) and let the mug stir itself.

Mop shoes

Hate cleaning? Let your slippers do the work with these mop shoes! Well, the journey between your bed and the fridge will be REALLY clean anyway.

Sound catch cubic pillow

Why take your head off your pillow when your phone rings? Simply place it in this sound catch pillow and you can catch for hours without having to raise your head. Perfection.

Remote control finder

All of your sofa pillow shifting is in the PAST with this little gadget! Just make sure you don't lose this one as well.

USB cup warmer

Made a cup of tea but not quite ready to drink it up? Don't let that go cold so you have to make another, because really, who can be bothered for such time consuming nonsense? Instead, simply keep it warm with THIS.

Book holder

Because holding a book with two hands is SOOOO medieval. Now all your need is one finger and this little plastic thingy to hold down your pages. Minimum. Effort.


Want to lie horizontally but can't be bothered to climb up those stairs to bed? You could buy a bungalow, or you could just clamour into a fabulous hammock. No stairs. All comfort.

Motorised ice cream cone

So tired of turning your wrist to get to all of your ice cream goodness? With this rotating ice cream holder, all fears of spraining yourself are a thing of the past!

Banana slicer

Banana's might be soft and easy to chop, but who have time to individually slice it? It would take, what, thirty seconds? With this banana slicer, bring your time down to five. FIVE SECONDS.

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