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Ryan Reynolds Is Either Absolutely Hilarious Or Crazy

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Ryan Reynolds Is Either Absolutely Hilarious Or Crazy© Getty

Ryan Reynolds is a brilliant actor and more than a little easy on the eyes, but did you know he's also a LOL a minute? The Green Lantern actor is on Twitter, and the little insights into his mind with 140 characters or less are absolutely superb...

  1. · On answering random questions
  2. · On society expectations
  3. · On parenting
  4. · On pop culture
  5. · On fashion
  6. · On celebrities
  7. · On One Direction

On answering random questions

Including his favourite colour...

His personal assistant's living situation

His Deadpool costume

Trying to give comforting advice

On society expectations

He's so ahead of the pressures of society.

On parenting

Harsh. So harsh.

He's really passionate about his parenting book

He actually likes to tell it how it is RE: children's drawings.

His response to the controversy surrounding a photo of him carrying his baby daughter incorrectly was SPOT ON.

On pop culture

He's not wrong...

On fashion

Why would you even...what's going on in that beautiful mind Ryan?

On celebrities

Uncle Dale seems like a flipping hoot

Same here Ryan. Same here.

On One Direction

Is it actually surprising that Ryan Reynolds' is a hair collecting One Direction obsessive? We just don't know anymore!

Love you Doug.

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