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16 Times Mindy Kaling Proved She Is One Of Us

by Emmy Griffiths ,
16 Times Mindy Kaling Proved She Is One Of Us© via google images

Mindy Kaling of The Office and The Mindy Project fame is pretty much an updated version of Bridget Jones, and as such we completely adore her. As a rom com loving, Mr-Darcy-obsessed thirty-something who understands the quintessential importance of dating rules, she is a complete nerd and has a fondness for every kind of food. Here's how Mindy is definitely one of us...

1. She doesn't handle break ups well

2. She knows what works on her

3. She's long suspected that chivalry is dead

4. She clocks the best looking guy in every room in her quest for true love

5. She can be fairly unforgiving when wronged

6. She knows what her biggest assets are and flaunts that sh*t

7. She occasionally blurs fiction with reality

8. She has trouble when separated from the Internet

9. She has complicated feelings towards hot albeit douchey guys

10. She always goes after what she wants

11. She talks a lot

12. She faces her singleton status with SASS

13. She gives perfect comebacks

14. She's sensationally camp

15. She knows her rights

16. She has NO idea what she's doing

To sum up, we love you Mindy. Carry on as you are! Are you a fan? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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