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12 Signs You're Suffering From A Serious Case Of Frienvy

by Emmy Griffiths ,
12 Signs You're Suffering From A Serious Case Of Frienvy© Google Images

As much as you love your friends, and want the best for them, there’s a tiny little part of you, a part that you are NOT proud of, that can’t help but feel a little resentful of their seemingly fabulous life. So if you have ever felt the urge to wish bad weather for your friend on holiday, it could mean you’re suffering from a serious case of frienvy…

You find out your friend earns more than you and have to resist the urge to make them pay for EVERY meal

You earn WHAAA? And you're making me go halvsies on Chinese? And I bought the wine! How about no.

You can’t help but wish it might rain whilst your friend goes on that holiday to Bali. Just for one day.

According to a survey by Mecca Bingo 30% of women are MOST frienvious when their friends go on holiday, and we say fair enough! No one can have something so idyllic when you're stuck in permanent grey weather without a little weather blip, right? RIGHT? Wish for rain...

When you’re friend has been gymming it up and looks incredible and you feel like she needs some Krispy Kremes and needs them NOW

How did you get so toned? WHEN? STOP IT.

Your friend ALWAYS seems to be doing something when you’re bored and you wonder how you could make her massive social circle that bit smaller

She only needs me really anyway...

When you are given a tour of their new house and can’t help but wish they’d stayed in their studio flat

Just as long as they NEVER come over to your place anymore. We can't all have heated floors...

When they get a new haircut and can TOTALLY pull of that look

We wish we could pull off that look...

When you see her with a shopping bag and can't help turning a light shade of green

New clothes. She'll get to wear new clothes. You don't have any new clothes.

When they have a new car and you pretend you don’t care but you DO

Did you really NEED the personalised number plate? Why not make it just say 'IWIN' instead of your initials and save us all some sweet sweet time?

When their relationship with their partner is perfect whilst you’re a single pringle that you kind of wish she’d call you up and complain about him

"Oh okay, so what did he do?" *Settles down with popcorn, a notepad and shameful grin.*

This unshakable frienvy isn’t ALL bad though, since it has inspired you to lose weight, make the most out of opportunities, and get some BEAUT new clothes

20% said their frienvy led them to lose weight, 23% said it made them more positive and 14% said it made them make the most of opportunities. If you can be jealous of it, you can dream it, you can do it!

Oh, and you start working harder to score that pay rise.

No one's earning more money than me. I am THE worker bee and it will be recognised!

Also, you can be smug in the knowledge that your friends probably envy you as much as you envy them, so everyone’s a winner!

You have your good times too! This is a beautiful, balanced sort of envious friendship, so everyone is allowed to be flattered!

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her @emmyfg!

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