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25 Things That Drive People With Short Tempers CRAZY

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 20 October 2014

Patience is a virtue but sadly, it is a virtue only a few possess. For the rest of us, life is one big impatient, infuriating struggle where we could seriously lose our minds with fury at any point. Here’s what everyone with a short fuse truly HATES...

1. Waking up early in the morning

We don't want this.

2. Queuing

This is why theme parks are a trap. Three hour queue for the log flume? No thanks.

3. When your computer 'buffers'


4. Being stuck behind a slow walker


5. Going to the loo and the finding the toilet roll is finished and no one has replaced it

The members of your household are lazy and unfair and disrespectful to have allowed this to happen.

6. Littering

We have to protect the environment and some people DON’T EVEN CARE.

7. Being interrupted half way through a story

Kudos if you manage not to storm out of the room when this happens.

8. Being wolf whistled at on the street

Do I need your gross, inappropriate animalistic signal of appreciation as I nip to Tescos? No I do not.

9. People sneezing on public transport then holding the rails again

You’ve infected us all.

10. Shop assistants who refuse be of ANY assistance

Why get a job in customer service if you're going to behave this way?!

11. Listening to someone click their pen/tap their nails/click their tongue

With every click the rage builds until you can’t take it anymore…

13. When a book ends on a cliffhanger


12. When you’re trying to sleep but noise is coming from SOMEWHERE

They will pay.

14. Passing a pair exhibiting PDA

Quite literally please get a room and out of our faces.

15. Rude emails

We can all be keyboard warriors if we want to *cracks knuckles*.

16. Receiving a text message tht iz writn lyk dis

In fact, any kind of bad grammar is justifiable cause for murder

17. Having someone who isn’t in a position of authority boss you around

Mmm how about no?

18. Chain messages on Facebook

"I want to see how many people read this. Comment with the day we first met, then share to show you care." NO. NO. NO.

19. People pushing in

You've violated a sacred code my friend.

20. When your flight is delayed

We had a schedule. I show up at the airport three hours early and you LEAVE WHEN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO.

21. When you do someone a favour and they don’t thank you


22. Cold-callers

We weren't involved in an accident. We're not owed money. We are literally listening to you trying to mess with us - you know, we know it. What is this?! Why are we still on the phone?!

23. When a car doesn’t stop at the pedestrian crossing

Sorry, was letting me cross the road without injury NOT WORTH YOUR PRECIOUS TIME?

24. When people loiter at the top and the bottom of escalators

Yep, best place to meet your friends. Just perfect.

25. The Kardashians

Make them stop.

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