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36 Reasons Why Bake Off Won't Be The Same Without Smooth AF Selasi

by Helen Turnbull ,
36 Reasons Why Bake Off Won't Be The Same Without Smooth AF Selasi© BBC

The Great British Bake Off as we know it is just days away from its pun-filled finale with Andrew, Candice and Jane beating off stiff competition to make it to the final three. Unfortunately for us, Selasi Gbormittah i.e. the smoothest amateur baker to grace the big white tent with his presence couldn't quite rise to the challenge during Pâtisserie Week and became the ninth casualty. It's fair to say Bake Off won't be the same without the baker-biker-banker's banter.

1. He turned Superman of the finance world in his introductory VT

He can take us for a ride any day .

2. He charmed the once-uncharmable Paul Hollywood

3. He was so chill

No vanilla seeds. No problem.

4. He made us weak at the knees every time he licked his lips

5. He was a humble-brag

"I probably shouldn't say this but I've done this before" - we're sure you have .

6. Even he admitted defeat was embarrassing

He came last in the technical challenge boo hoo.

7. He's also a mummy's boy and it's NBD

"My mum would be proud", he told the camera as he introduced his gingerbread childhood church in Biscuit Week.

8. He will forever be known as the king of piping cream

Say no more.

9. Even a piece of chilli was too hot for him to handle

10. He made it totally OK to lie on the tent floor

11. He's a master at kneading dough

Not an innuendo.

12. He also made smelling pans 'a thing'

Ask no questions.

13. He is 🔥 on Instagram

14. He casually mentioned he had a girlfriend when he realised he was the nation's biggest crush

Can you hear that? It's the sound of hearts everywhere breaking.

15. He proved himself to be a flipping awesome pancake tosser

16. He giggled about how 'humongous' his Yorkshire puddings were

17. He embodied the GBBO spirit by helping Kate in the final minutes of the Showstopper challenge in Batter Week

Admittedly, all he did was hold the plate but every little counts <3.

18. He throws an epic GBBO Viewing Party every Wednesday

19. THIS

20. He fed Benjamina his lemon curd

Relationship goals right there <3.

21. He didn't pretend to know what the fancy Technical bakes were

22. He lost his chill during Dessert Week, albeit briefly

23. He straight up asked Mel if he could bribe her into asking Mary and Paul for more time during the first Tudor Week challenge

24. He made no secret of the fact he hated technicals

But still refused to let the pressure get to him in the quarter final.

25. He formed a sisterly bond with Benjamina

26. He and his girlfriend are super-cute on social media

All together now, 'N'awwww'.

27. He approached the semi-final in true Selasi style

"I've never made palmiers before but it's alright."

28. And said, "we'll leave the crying to Andrew" 😂

29. He was finishing Mary's sentences by his final week

30. He spontaneously auditioned for Mel and Sue's job

"Are you doing me out of a job, mate?" a less than impressed Mel responded.

31. He allowed Mel mop his brow. TWICE.

We'd happily mop his brow any day .

32. He flirted with Jane

Don't think we didn't notice.

33. He sheepishly told Mary and Paul "maybe don't try the icing"

34. His final Mel and Sue hug was too much :'(

35. He made the entire nation cry with his emotional statement on his exit

36. He's been hanging out with GBBO's second best baker... VAL

RIP Selasi, gone but never forgotten.

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The Great British Bake Off final airs Wednesday 27 October at 8pm on BBC One

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