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16 Positive Quotes From Women We Love To Get You Through Today

by Pascale Day ,
16 Positive Quotes From Women We Love To Get You Through Today© Getty Images

Today has been a dark day the world over: Not only did we not get our first lady president in the White House in the form of sassy pantsuit-wearing Hillary Clinton but we got Donald Trump instead, and there's not much that's worse than that. And while it's hard not to become desperately despondent over the current state of affairs, here's some fabulous words spoken by some of our favourite strong women that'll remind you that all hope is not lost.

Are we in the middle of a really bad nightmare? Will we wake up any minute in a sweat to the soothing sounds of Barack Obama whispering that we shouldn't panic, that he's staying for another 4 years, and that we should go back to sleep? Unfortunately not. All roads from the election have lead to here, to this point, and as for the road going forward? No one can know when we will end up.

While it's hard to listen to people now refer to Donald Trump as "the most powerful man in the world", it's important to remember that we have plenty of powerful, strong women in our midst too. I mean, let's not forget Miss Hillary Rodham Clinton! This is the closest a woman has ever been to becoming president of the United States, and that's nothing to sniff at. So whilst online it may very much seem like the end is nigh, take a break from all the election talk and inject some much needed positivity and guidance into your day, courtesy of these lovely ladies and their wise words.

Hillary Clinton

Susan B Anthony

Nora Ephron

Eleanor Roosevelt

Oprah Winfrey

Erica Jong

Michelle Obama

JK Rowling

Barbara Cocoran

Simone de Beauvior

Rosa Parks

Ayn Rand

Maya Angelou

Helen Keller

Beyonce Knowles

Brie Larson

Do you have any other great quotes from great women that are getting you through today? Let us know: @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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