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17 Life-changing Problems All Harry Potter Fans Have Experienced

by Emmy Griffiths ,
17 Life-changing Problems All Harry Potter Fans Have Experienced© via google images

It has been a few years since the Harry Potter franchise finished, but since Potter fans are a pretty passionate bunch, the Hogwarts fever is still going strong. So for all the Potter fans out there, here are just some of the many daily struggles we all face. Yes, WE. Don't worry guys - we'll get our letters to Hogwarts one day, we MUST *curls into a ball, cries*.

All tweets from the magical HarryPotterReactions and Hogwarts Logic.

1. We can't actually do magic

2. Fictional events impact us more than we let on

3. We'll never get our letter

4. We are HIGHLY judgemental

5. We've felt unprecedented levels of loss

6. We can't function as normal members of society

7. Cats are never who we want them to be

8. We're the friend group's token nerd

9. We've achieved nothing in our lives

10. We'll never play Quidditch the way it ought to be played

11. We're constantly living on the edge

12. We can't help but laugh at awful, awful puns

13. We can translate this: sai ah hass sie heth

Oh yeah.

14. We're serious about the pun thing...

15. We've worked out why some social norms exist

16. We emerge from marathons like this

17. Our enthusiasm can't be contained

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