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17 Things All Book Nerds Know To Be True

by Emmy Griffiths ,
17 Things All Book Nerds Know To Be True

For all those people who would rather stay in and finish that book than go on a night on the town or waste their wages in Waterstones, this is all for you...

1. There’s a moment in every book when, just like that, you’re hooked

It might be 5, 10 or 100 pages in, but if the moment happens, you'll know it.

2. Then, it pretty much dominates every waking moment

Just need to know...what happens next...

3. When you put it down you feel like you’re forgetting to do something important

Why am I making dinner when books need to be read immediately?

4. Reaching your destination when commuting is infuriating

But-but I still have a page of the chapter left. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME.

5. You seriously doubt a first date when they say they don't read

Erm...my friend just called with an emergency...

6. You can get into deep conversations about characters as though they’re people

Worrying about a character's wellbeing is a common problem. They're real to us!

7. You would rather stab yourself in the eye than get a Kindle

Would Shakespeare have used a Kindle? WELL?

8. Doing tasks one handed whilst reading a book has become a key life skill

Drying hair, walking, making Baked Alaska, it's all good.

9. You cry more over the death of a fictional character than actual people

Let's face it, you've known these (fake) people for years!

10. You have no room for any of your books but there’s no way you’d sell them

So instead they are piled in every nook and cranny you can find.

11. Spoiling the end of a book is the most heinous act another person can do

There's no words for when this happens to you. The shock. The crushing disappointment. The rage.

12. Waterstones is your happy place.

Getting locked in a bookshop is your sleepover dream come true.

13. Not sleeping through the night because your book takes priority over rest is the norm

Work doesn't matter. This matters.

14. You have a keen sense of horror for people who ‘just watch the show’

WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF. There'll be so many tidbits that they'll miss, subplots they'll never know. It's just NOT the same.

15. You'll feel happy but sad when you’ve got to the end of a really good book

Reading books isn't sad. It's just sad when it's over.

16. Then there’s a terrible wait for the next book in your series


17. You couldn’t possible choose a favourite

That's like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. It ain't happening.

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