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23 Utterly Sensational Mark Francis Quotes

by Emmy Griffiths ,
23 Utterly Sensational Mark Francis Quotes© Getty

Darling, if you don’t live in the Royal Borough, have a butler or understand the unfeasible disaster that is sleeping bags, you couldn’t possibly understand Mark Francis’s life, (bonus points if you read that in his voice!) but at least we can sit back and laugh at it!

1. Heirloom problems

2. Social media fury

3. Selfie problems

4. Fashion advice

5. Fashion disaster

6. Tones irritate him

7. As does High Street brands

8. You have to be careful with fake tan

9. And respect your enemies

10. But being blunt never hurts either

11. First impressions are always right if you're Mark Francis

12. He does not make idle threats

13. Camping equipment is GHASTLY

14. PAH.

15. Popular chicken restaurants go right over Mark Francis's head

16. One NEVER wastes time talking about the Opera

17. Sport no-nos

18. He has a specific sort of idea about refreshments

19. Theft will not happen to him

20. He has a firm idea of key life skills

21. He knows what is a MUST at a dinner party

22. One NEVER gets sh*t faced

23. He's always ready for dramatic news

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