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32 People Who Nailed The Whole Passive Aggressive Thing

by Emmy Griffiths ,
32 People Who Nailed The Whole Passive Aggressive Thing© via Imgur

When your friends, family, housemates and neighbours irritate you, what do you do? Politely speak to them about the problem? Get angry and have it out with them? Or do you get creative? These guys had a point to make and utterly succeeded in making it. Your move, mildly irritating perpetrator!

1. Spreading the news

2. Getting gross

3. War of the Wi Fi

4. How to complain at a restaurant

5. Helping the homeless

6. Plant probz

7. For Sale!

8. Your move, Colonel Burn


10. Fridge fight


12. The Machine has something to say

13. Not suspicious at all

14. That escalated quickly

15. This might just be aggressive (but funny)

16. See me after!

17. Science and God exchange notes

18. Karma

19. That love heart under the exclamation mark though...

20. No offence...

21. Font Offences

22. Large Printing Jobs

23. The best defence

24. Nobody panic

25. Sarcastic enough?

26. Karaoke fun

27. Bowling elephants

28. Harry Potter request

29. Ouuuuuuch

30. Could have just thrown it away...

31. Comic Sans Taboo

32. Completely different bikes

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Emmy Griffiths
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