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13 Things Asian Girls Are Tired of Hearing

by Emma Goddard ,
13 Things Asian Girls Are Tired of Hearing© Getty Images

As an Asian woman, I've heard some pretty ridiculous comments about my ethnicity. For some reason people love jokes about Asians, especially Asian women. Sure, I'll admit that I've heard some funny ones here and there, but after a while it gets pretty old. So if you don't want to keep pissing off your female Asian friends, you should know these things that all Asian girls are tired of hearing.

1. What's the view like from down there?


Haha I'm short, I totally get it. You're so funny. Should I keep laughing at your funny joke? Because I've never heard it before.

2. Well of course you like [insert Asian food here]! You're Asian!


Oh duh of course, why didn't I think of that? Shut up. I don't like Asian food because I'm Asian. I and pretty much every non-Asian in the world love Asian food because it's freakin' amazeballs.

3. So... are you good at math?


Maybe, maybe not. Are you bad at conversation?

4. He's probably really into Asians


So what you're saying is that he must only like me because I'm Asian. That actually doesn't make me feel better.

5. Hey, just so you know, I'm really into Asian girls


Oh, so he is into Asian girls... and only Asian girls. Well, I'm really into guys who don't hit on me just because I'm Asian. So obviously this isn't going to work out.

6. Are you from [insert China, Korea, or Japan here]?


OH MY GOD. Please tell me you know of other countries in Asia.

7. Herro


It's only funny if you're my friend and even then, sparingly. If this is the first thing you say to me... bye.

8. I wish I had straight hair like you


Despite what you believe, my hair isn't naturally straight and there are actually a lot of other Asian women who have wavy hair.

9. You're really exotic


This is probably the worst ice breaker ever.

10. Wow you look so young!


Ah, I just love when people tell me that I look like I'm 12 when I'm 22. It's even worse when they tell you that when they're trying to hit on you... because nothing says love like someone who wants to date you because you look like a schoolgirl.

11. Are you attracted to other Asians?


Seriously though, would you ask anyone of another race/ethnicity this question?

12. You're so lucky you don't burn


Actually I do burn. Like... a lot. Maybe even more than you do. So hand me that SPF 60, baby.

13. You're a girl AND you're Asian? You're probably a horrible driver


You can just leave.

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This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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