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Bad news for Miley Cyrus: Chris Hemsworth is anti drugs and alcohol

by Francesca Menato ,
Bad news for Miley Cyrus: Chris Hemsworth is anti drugs and alcohol© Getty

Some serious questions over the future of Miley Cyrus' relationship with Liam Hemsworth have been raised over the past few weeks. Since her extreme makeover and of course THAT VMA performance, not to mention the naked video, people have questioned just how successful a marriage between these two would be. Another big issue has apparently been Liam's family's opinion of her. His brother Chris has been talking about just how little time he's got for wild antics - it's not sounding good for Miley

Chris Hemsworth has been talking about his feelings towards drugs and alcohol - and they're not for him.

The Rush star has been in London promoting his new movie and brought his wife and the mother of his child Elsa Pataky with him.

The couple have presented the image of marital bliss with a sweet little PDA on the red carpet.

It is Chris' commitment to his wife and 15-month-old daughter India Rose that has cemented his opinions about acting wild.

His character in his new flick is quite the playboy and he joked that he was trying out a bit of method acting.

He told Shortlist: "Oh yeah, it was all about me getting drugs and alcohol and hitting up the town."

Although he admitted he's not completely square he hasn't taken it to the "extreme".

He explained: "There were plenty of things I could draw upon [from my own life] to play James, but not to his extreme.

"After having a kid, you realise it's not all about you anymore. If I do something stupid it affects other people."

Miley Cyrus, take note!

The pop star is engaged to Chris' brother Liam and has earned quite the reputation as a party-loving youngster who loves to get naked.

Not to mention her hints that she's taken drugs.

If Miley and Liam are seriously planning on settling down and tying the knot, she may want to cool it on the wild behaviour.

It has been widely reported that Liam's family and team aren't happy with the relationship and think Miley's taken it too far.

We reckon they probably weren't too amused by her recent performances both PVC clad and clothes-free.

Liam appeared without his fiancée at the UK premiere for Rush; the last time they were seen together was at a US premiere for Liam's latest film Paranoia.

Members of his family were at the same event and apparently made their frosty feelings known.

A source told Hollywood Life: "Liam’s family was there to support him, but they completely ignored Miley when she was there.

“They literally had their backs to her.

"Meanwhile, Miley and Liam barely talked or acknowledged each other. Mostly, they just ignored each other.

"They showed zero intimacy. If you didn’t know who they were, you would assume they didn’t know each other."

Sources for E! have also claimed that Liam is embarrassed by Miley's video for Wrecking Ball.

They said: "He is embarrassed by her performance. He is normally extremely laid back but her performance shocked him. He had no idea she was going to go that far."

But despite the tension the source added: "They go through these phases and things usually work out."

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