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35 Of The Best Love Island 2017 Memes To Make You LOL

by Rose Adams ,
35 Of The Best Love Island 2017 Memes To Make You LOL

This series of Love Island has taken over our TVs, conversations and quite frankly, entire lives - the mere thought of having to go back to making real-life social plans when it ends is just a bit too much to bear tbh. But it hasn't just been the islander's fall outs that have made our summer, the hilarious, resultant memes have been comedy gold, too. Here are our favourite ones yet.

Love Island: If we're not watching it, we're talking about watching it. The frisky swimwear-clad squad have had us so hooked on their falling out, making up then falling out again, we kinda feel like we know them better than we know ourselves - Chris, Olivia really is trying to wind you up on purpose.

And just like a summer without Love Island would be miserable, so too would a life without memes. The internet has delivered once again, mugging off the contestants more than muggy Mike himself, and this year they're EXTRA lol-worthy. Enjoy!

When the internet went in on THAT now infamous Johnny expression

When actual footage emerged proving Kem and Amber had dated before

When Georgia's choice of island attire was hella practical

When our fave Nick Cannon meme was recycled

When Craig couldn't stop pouring his heart out to Camilla and the nation cringed

When Camilla finally revealed her hidden sassy side

When our minds were BLOWN

When our obsession was perfectly summed up by Mike Wazowski

When every guy that walks in is Amber's type on paper *eye roll*

When the boys took us back to being 18

When the whole squad were accurately roasted and we couldn't handle it

When Kem took style inspo from Lazy Town

When the boys were basic AF

When we wondered why Chris has such a big ego

When Olivia's excuse just didn't cut it

When we lived for Chris reflecting on his day while the others slept

When muggy Mike himself got mugged off

When Amber was all of us

...and when she wasn't

When this led us to question everything

When we related to Kem on so many levels

When Marcel found a new calling

When Camilla upgraded to a Calvin Klein model

When we couldn't love Marcel any more

When Amber was paranoid

When THIS finally clicked

When Love Island and politics combined and it was everything

When it finally dropped that Blazin' Squad were one-hit wonders

When the internet couldn't cope with Marcel

When our summer-body anxiety was perfectly summed up

When Kem revealed to the villa how many girls he's slept with

When Montana won lookalike of the year

When we discovered Amber's proudest moment

When Simon made us snigger

Which couple do you want to win Love Island this year? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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