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CBB: Casey Batchelor offers Lee Ryan a sexual favour

by Emmy Griffiths ,
CBB: Casey Batchelor offers Lee Ryan a sexual favour© Channel 5

Oh Casey Casey Casey. In last night’s episode Casey Batchelor offered to give Lee Ryan a sexual favour after having a few drinks, and it was utterly cringey to watch. Lee, who has admittedly been getting rather flirty with the glamour model since his house flame Jasmine Waltz was evicted last week, didn’t seem to mind the attention.

Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor have been flirting with each other since day one of the Celebrity Big Brother House. That is, before Lee decided to go for Jasmine Waltz instead.

However, since Jasmine was evicted the two have been getting close again, and things definitely heated up between the pair last night when Casey offered Lee a sexual favour after telling her fellow housemate Sam Faiers that she woke up feeling horny. Ugh, this girl!

Whilst squeezing Lee Ryan’s spots on the sofa (URGH) Casey told Sam: “I woke up really horny this morning. Like ridiculously.”

Later on, as part of a challenge some of the housemates got drunk…whilst dressed up a husky dogs…in a cabin. Casey warned Lee that she was getting drunk, telling him: “Be careful tonight, I’m drinking.”

Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan © Channel 5
Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan
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Later on as the pair snuggled, she whispered to him: “Do you want a b**wjob?”

Lee didn’t responded but laughed in response. However, his ex-flame Jasmine Waltz was vocal enough for everyone on her Twitter account.

She retweeted some fans, who said: “@CaseyBatchelor telling @LeeRyanMusic she was horny last night ..WTF ...this girl is thirsty...@jazzywaltz get her some water please damnn”, “Casey has zero self respect or dignity, this is actually difficult to watch…would be interesting to see her face if @jazzywaltz came back.”

Meanwhile Jasmine tweeted: “My gwad the desperation… Have some pride for yourself.” She then dropped all subtlety and wrote: “NO Casey!! He doesn’t want to drink with you and he doesn’t want your snagle teeth on his d*** and he doesn’t care your horney #Uneedasmack.”

Uh oh! Is anyone else truly excited about the reunion after the house now?! Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Emmy Griffiths
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