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David and Victoria Beckham at crisis point?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
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Only last week David Beckham announced his plans to launch a Major League Soccer team in Miami, whilst wifey Victoria was getting ready for her New York Fashion Week show, parting the pair by over 1000 miles. Unfortunately, it looks like the long distance relationship will become a constant issue for the foreseeable future, as apparently the couple could end up spending a third of the year apart.

Victoria and David Beckham’s professional lives may be at their peak – but it looks like it could cause some serious problems as the pair of them will end up being so far apart from each other for possibly up to a third of the year.

After moving back to London from LA with their four children – Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 12, Cruz, nine and Harper, 18 months, way back in 2012, the worry is that the Beckham family won’t be seeing all that much of each other as Victoria and David pursue their careers in the USA, despite their best efforts.

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A source told Now magazine: “Of course David and Victoria are worried they’ll miss out on quality time and that isn’t easy, but they plan things with military precision. They’ll schedule family time and try to make sure they’re not both away from their children as much as possible. They’ll miss each other terribly when the other is away, but they have each other’s support. And Skype!”

Since Victoria will be expanding her business to New York full time, she will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in the city, despite that she will be employing a team to do a lot of her work for her. She said: “I need a team on the ground living and breathing everything here in America.”

David, on the other hand, has bought a football team in Miami and so will be spending plenty of time there. However, apparently the pair is so confident of their relationship that they are not too concerned about the potential pressures this distance from each other could have.

An insider revealed: “This is how the Beckhams have always lived their lives. The’re not traditional, they’re always on the move. Their family is stronger than ever since the move to London and the kids are all happy. So Victoria and David knew that they were both ready to push on with their careers again.

“It’s hard to know exactly how long they’ll be apart for. They usually try to keep their trips to a minimum of a few days at a time. But they’ll both be flying back and forth five or six times during the year, if not more. They’re all excited about what 2014 will bring, although it’s not going to be easy.”

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Emmy Griffiths
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