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Emma Watson Is Dating A Tech Geek And We Are Basically Heart Eyed Emojis Right Now

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Emma Watson Is Dating A Tech Geek And We Are Basically Heart Eyed Emojis Right Now© Getty

We reached the conclusion a while ago now that Emma Watson is, to quote Oscar Wilde, the visible personification of absolute perfection, therefore we are fully invested and passionate about her happiness. So we couldn't be more pleased to hear that the Harry Potter star has a new fella in her life - and he's a big ole' geek!

As every girl who has ever dated a nerd will know: dorks make the BEST boyfriends. Not only do they want to take you to plenty of cute adventures, they also grew up most likely being teased and therefore have a great sense of humour, and are MORE than happy to curl up and watch a lame movie with you. So we couldn't be more excited to hear that Emma Watson is dating American tech entrepreneur William 'Mack' Knight. Not only is he seriously handsome, he could 100% help her fix her computer AND chances are he'll know coding. CODING GUYS!

Mack is a 35-year-old Columbia University grad who is now works in Silicon Valley (you know, that seriously awesome area where start up companies thrive and ride around the offices on scooters and have slides instead of stairs etc.) An insider source told Metro that Mack is: “a normal, down-to-earth guy who has nothing to do with Hollywood and Emma loves that." We love it too Em! WE LOVE IT TOO.

So how did these two even meet?! Either way, it's clear that they have been enjoying their time together as the pair of them were seen visiting the VIP Post Ranch Inn in California for a spa break, where we can only assume they discussed mathematics and the Game of Thrones novels.

What do you think about Emma's new beau? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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