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Happy 10th Birthday Twitter! Here's Our Favourite First Celeb Tweets

by Pascale Day ,
Happy 10th Birthday Twitter! Here's Our Favourite First Celeb Tweets© Getty Images

Twitter's a grown up now. There are hairs growing on its upper lip. Yup, the social media channel has hit the big 1-0. There's been highs, lows and a whole lot of trolling, but the main reason that we love Twitter is that it puts us in touch with our favourite celebs. What's Kim Kardashian doing at 1am on a Monday? Now we know! (Taking selfies, just FYI.) Twitter launched a site two years ago that allows you to look up anyone's first tweet, so here's what your fave celebs first ever tweets were.

Rihanna, October 2009

Rihanna, showing that starting every word with caps was popular in 2009.

Beyonce, April 2012

Beyonce's first tweet in 2012 was a promotion for her website, which we obvs now have as our home page.

Drake, March 2009

And we're so glad we did, Drizzy!

Taylor Swift, December 2008

Tay Tay's tweet just proves to us that she's always been a crazy cat lady and therefore a role model for life.

Justin Bieber, May 2009

Back in the day when Justin was just a swishy haired, purple-hoody-wearing 15 year old promoting his music on MySpace.

Louis Tomlinson, May 2010

Who's Lucie Jones, huh Louis? WHO IS SHE? WHO IS SHEEEEEE??!?! Oh wait. We've worked it out. Never mind...

Kim Kardashian, March 2009

KKW's first tweet only received just over 3,000 likes which is, like, totes embarrassing compared to the love she gets now (32k likes on a picture of her family, just FYI).

Caitlin Moran, October 2008

Did the marathon training ever happen? I guess we'll never know...

John Boyega, April 2015

John only joined Twitter last year?! But... what did he look at on his phone to get out of awkward conversations BEFORE Twitter? It just makes no sense...

Matt LeBlanc, November 2015

Joey, Joey Joey. Like a dad on Twitter, Matt came late to the party, used the phrase 'Twitterverse' and uploaded a little vid of himself by way of introduction. Never change Matt.

Miley Cyrus, March 2011

Before Miley went full dope smoking, serial inappropriate dresser (read the room, Miley) mode, before she was masturbating in every music video and dressing up as a sexy baby, she was embarking on her Gypsy Heart world tour. What a difference five years makes...

You can find out what your first tweet was here. HBD Twitter!

What do you think of these first ever celeb tweets? Cringe right? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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