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The #VisibleMe Instagram Account Allows Young LGBTQ People Share Their Stories

by Pascale Day ,
The #VisibleMe Instagram Account Allows Young LGBTQ People Share Their Stories© Instagram/visibleme

An Instagram account set up by LGBTQ pioneer and YouTube marketing whizz Raymond Braun is allowing people to come forward and share their experiences growing up as part of the LGBTQ youth, and damn, these kids are hella wise. From coming out stories or messages to their younger selves, these guys are spreading positive vibes all over Insta.

On Friday, Instagram launched their first ever LGBTQ video feed in collaboration with Raymond Braun. It could be found at the top of the Instagram Explore page, containing multiple videos from LGBTQ youth, including the first American college football player to come out as bisexual, Conner Mertens.

Raymond Braun started his career on the marketing team at Youtube and was soon promoted to LGBT Marketing Lead for his passion project #ProudToLove, YouTube’s first LGBT-themed consumer marketing campaign was picked up by the video giant. Raymond, who is openly gay, began making videos for the LGBTQ community, and became so popular that Raymond soon found that what started as a passion project was now needing his attention full time.

Raymond's new project #VisibleMe offers an invaluable platform to LGBTQ youth, giving the opportunity to share stories of struggle as well as offer advice. Raymond told Teen Vogue: "When you grow up feeling different, like there’s something about you that isn’t seen as conventional or traditional, it gives you an openness to colour outside the lines and chart your own life. I hope #VisibleMe encourages everyone to celebrate diversity and embrace what makes them different. We all have that spark within us.”

Since the hashtag, @visibleme has become an actual Insta account set up by Raymond, and a Facebook page has also been set up for people to continue telling their stories. If you want to join in, simply make a video or take a photo and upload it to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #VisibleMe.

What do you think of #VisibleMe? Amazing right? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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