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55 Interior Wall Art Ideas To Inspire Your Living Space

by Lareese Craig ,
55 Interior Wall Art Ideas To Inspire Your Living Space

Nothing says you've mastered adulthood quite like a piece (or ten) of hanging wall art. We've all seen those perfect dressed rooms complete with monochrome Paris prints and Kate Moss portraits and we're not gonna lie, it's high time we got our sh*t together and took some pride in our living space too. Here's all the wall art ideas you need to transform your home into a humble Instagram paradise.

There's something about a cheeky wall art montage that just screams 'I am slaying at being an adult'. It says you're finally emotionally invested in your living space and you've taken the time and pay checks to make sure everyone knows it. You want it come home from work and know that a relaxing environment is waiting for you. You want to be able to light your Jo Mo candle, stick your feet up on a pouffe, pour yourself a goblet of wine and then slip under a fleecy blanket. What we're saying is this: one day you'll get to an age where you suddenly care about things like ambience and succulents. And that day comes round sooner than you can say Ikea.

One way to transform your living space quickly and effectively is by dressing up a plain wall, bookshelf, dressing table or even a floor space with some beautiful art work - trust us, it looks ridiculously chic slanted on the floor propped up against the wall.

Whether you love city skylines, typography and quotes or illustrations, there's just no telling what a photo in a black frame can do for a room. We've rounded up our favourite wall art ideas so all you need to do is Pin them for later, or you know, whenever you're ready to be a grown up. Enjoy!

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