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Autumn Wedding Flower Bouquet Inspiration

by Lareese Craig ,
Autumn Wedding Flower Bouquet Inspiration

Picking your wedding flowers might not be up there in terms of priority with securing the venue and the dream dress, but when it comes to making your big day picture perfect it’s all in the finer details, starting with florals. If you're getting married in the autumn, there are still plenty of choices when it comes to your wedding flowers. From bouquets with romantic nudes and dusty greys to timeless roses, here’s our best pick of autumn posies to inspire your wedding day.

  1. · What's in season?
  2. · Colour schemes
  3. · Orange & red
  4. · Deep plums
  5. · Burgandy roses
  6. · Trailing bouquet
  7. · Grass roots
  8. · Classic nudes

The venue, the dress, the bridesmaids, you've got all the essentials covered and now you're down to the finishing touches. Beautiful autumn wedding flowers could be just what you need to make your big day even more memorable. But what colours and combinations look best? What's in season and where do you start?

We spoke with Mat Hepplestone from Red Floral to find out what flowers you should think about for an autumn wedding.

What's in season?

When it comes to autumn wedding bouquets it's all eyes on foliage. Florals keep things undeniably feminine, agreed, but lush greenery helps to set the autumnal tone beautifully.

Mat recommends using natural oak leaves and horse chestnut fruits as table scatters and hanging acorns to compliment your bridal bouquets.

"When choosing flowers for the autumn season, think about what creates the biggest impact and what enhances your colour scheme. Tulips are beginning to creep back in and look fabulous weeping through designs.

"Hydrangea at this time of year takes on a completely different look as the blooms become tri-coloured and really reflect the beauty of the season, set these again in tall old vases with foliages and glass baubles holding candlelight and you have an amazing autumn centrepiece to go with your bouquet."

Colour schemes

Orange & red

Embrace the natural earthy colours of autumn for a wedding that accompanies the season. Rusty oranges, cool ambers and even a pinch of fuchsia will set the scene off perfectly. Add in a white dress and wow.

Mat adds: "In autumn it really is the time to let the imagination flow and think about the colours of the season. Rich orange shades set against burgundy and chocolate brown create the perfect regal setting."

Deep plums

Aubergine purples are an acquired taste but the options are endless so there's no need to go bold or go home. Autumn is the perfect time to mix in berries and foliage to give your wedding bouquet an authentic rustic feel. Ask your florist to add in scabiosa stellata or oak for a beautiful textured effect.

Burgandy roses

If your wedding is all about daring to do different, try something fun and fearless by mixing burgundy roses, purple calla lilies and black feathers for a gorgeous, gothic-inspired bridal bouquet.

Trailing bouquet

Match your killer train with Tuscan inspired trailing bouquets in autumnal shades. You can even incorporate blackberries, twigs, ivy and croton for an enchanted woodland effect. If red is your colour du jour go for trailing amaranthus, cherry brandy roses, mango calla lilies and burgundy carnations. Simply magical.

Grass roots

Deep crimson, gold leaves and plenty of greenery (Queen Anne's Lace looks particularly pretty) - now that'll be sure to get the guests talking on arrival.

"My advice would be a strong focus on foliage, the different leaves that are around in this season can create the rich look when all mingled together and create explosions of autumn colour in any venue," says Mat.

Classic nudes

Nude has emblazoned itself across the colour theme trends in flowers for the whole of 2014 and will continue way into 2015. Hinted with peaches and pinks its classic timeless elegance provides a great alternative for those looking to add light to their autumnal wedding.

Autumn Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouquet Inspiration © Pinterest Via projectwedding.com
Autumn Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouquet Inspiration
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