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Quiz: Are You Ready To Move In Together?

by Lareese Craig ,
Quiz: Are You Ready To Move In Together?

Moving in with your boyfriend has got to be one of the most exciting milestones in your life - but how can you be sure it's the right decision? Take our Are You Ready To Move In Together quiz to find out!

You think that you're good together; you spend all of your time together anyway so what's the problem? Well the thing is, there's a difference between spending time together and living together - that grime around his toilet is going to be your toilet, oh yeah.

So what are the signs that you should go ahead and take the big plunge or just hold off for a little longer?

We asked relationship expert Susan Quilliam for her advice. She says you need to be realistic about how you work as a couple but if you can tick all of these little steps off, then living together will be a breeze!

"Moving in is a wonderful sign of commitment - but it can change things for worse as well as better. You'll need to cope with 24/7 together, to accommodating all your partner's impossible habits, to life often being more daily grind than high romance!

"You need to think clearly before making the leap, as the moments before a big decision are often the most daunting. So consider carefully what you want from moving in, decide what you expect from each other, face your 'worst fantasies' and 'deal-breakers'. Then, and only then, power into action to get the move underway."

So take our quiz to see if you truly are ready to move in together...

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