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Kate Middleton chats about sexting at charity conference

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Kate Middleton chats about sexting at charity conference© Getty

Kate Middleton has been talking about a rather unlikely subject for a Princess: sexting. You heard us right! Kate Middleton went to a charity conference about cyber-bullying and reportedly was fascinated about the 21st century issues for young people, and the topic of sexting came up. We didn’t think she had it in her – do you think she’s speaking from experience? Prince William, you sly fox!

Kate Middleton has been chatting about sexting at a charity conference about cyber-bulling in the 21st century.

The presenting journalist, Professor Tanya Byron, gave a talk about cyber-bullying before speaking to the Duchess. She said: “she was very interested in the early years, nought to five year olds, which I guess is because she’s a new mother but also because she’s interested.

“She was at an engagement yesterday and they mentioned sexting. She was interested in what we do and my colleagues’ work on addiction.”

The issue of bullying in schools is an issue particularly close to Kate’s heart, as apparently she was teased whilst at school to the point where she changed schools to escape her tormentors.

Susan Cameron, the headmistress of Kate’s school Downe House at the time of her attendance, has admitted that the Duchess of Cambridge was “teased” and “unsettled and not particularly happy.”

Not surprisingly Kate has become passionate about preventing bullying in schools in the future.

Her support has meant the world to the charity’s organisers and Professor Byron continued: “She has given us such a seal of approval in a very public manner, from a woman who is loved by the public and has become a mother herself.

“She wants to support us, it’s like a gift. She’s a very bright woman. At one point when I was speaking she was telling the person she was with ‘I hope you’re writing this down.’”

That’s got to be an ego boost!

The event, run by the charity Place2Be, was the first annual Resilience and Emotional Strength in Schools Forum, and although Kate was only supposed to stay for a couple of hours, she was so interested in the subject that she stayed another hour to hear a talk on addiction and self-harm.

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