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Has Kate Middleton Gone Into Labour?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Has Kate Middleton Gone Into Labour?© Getty

It looks like it's finally happening! Early reports say that Kate Middleton has gone into hospital with Royal Baby number two.

It looks like two members of the Monarchy could be sharing the same birthday as early reports have suggested Kate has gone into labour this morning with Royal Baby number 2 on the Queen's 89th birthday! While we're still awaiting confirmation from Clarence House, we really hope the rumour mill is grinding out some truths here because two royal birthdays on the same day surely calls for a new Bank Holiday right?

Crowds starting to gather about twenty days ago outside St Mary's Hospital in anticipation for Kate Middleton's arrival, and it looks like their frankly insane patience is finally going to pay off!

Chris Evans suggested on Radio 2 this morning that Kate had gone into hospital this morning. Since Kate's due date is April 25th, we wouldn't be surprised if today's the day Prince George gets a new little brother and sister!

We have to say though, we're a little disappointed this didn't happen on Thursday 23rd AKA St George's Day. That would have been a little TOO perfect!

Nevertheless, the Twittersphere is getting a little too excited over the potential birth of a new little Prince or Princess...

Since the couple are yet to reveal the sex of the baby we have no idea if we'll be getting a new little Prince or Princess, so the odds are in with Alice, Elizabeth and Charlotte/James, Arthur and Henry as the most popular choices for our new member of the Royal family.

What would you like Royal Baby number 2 to be called? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

We actually can't WAIT for another bouncing Royal baby...

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