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10 Reasons Why We Really Want Kate Middleton To Have A Girl

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 30/04/2015 at 12:45
10 Reasons Why We Really Want Kate Middleton To Have A Girl © Getty

With Kate Middleton finally in labour, we're hella excited about who we'll be welcoming into our Monarchy. Of course we love George. He is a pudgy, tiny ball of adorableness who we are very excited to see as our one day future King. However, now we have one bouncy Royal baby boy, we think it's time for a little bit of girl power in the Monarchy! Here's why we really want Kate Middleton to have a girl this time...

We will have a Princess in the Royal Family

We mean the main Royal family. Sorry Beatrice and Eugenie, you’ll always just be the Royal cousins who wore stupid hats at a wedding.

Can you imagine the outfits?!

Tiny Princess dresses! So frilly, so pink, so glitzy yet tasteful! CUTE.


We’re know we’re freaking out over the idea of jewellery for toddlers but imagine just how darn cute it would look!

All the names sound so darn cute

According to Paddypower, Alice is the most popular bet for the Royal Baby, with Charlotte and Elizabeth. Princess Alice would be SO precious!

Prince George can be a protective big brother

A little Princess who has her older, wiser bro looking out for her as she deals with the trials and tribulations of her place in the Monarchy and the spotlight literally sounds like a movie plot. We’d pay to see that.

There’re already enough men in that family

Poor Kate is being overrun by the boys in her life. Having a girl will restore the balance of Palace peace. Another boy and Kate will have to deal with toilet seats being left up and football on telly for years to come.

History will be repeating itself otherwise

If Kate were to have another boy, things would start becoming creepily parallel to William’s own parents Charles and Diana’s lives. Let’s end the similarities already!

Imagine William and his daughter

She’d be a Daddy’s girl, he’d dote on her, we’d coo over the photos. It’d be like David Beckham and Harper, but cuter.

We want a Kate Middleton mini-me

Prince George is the SPIT of William as a baby, so we’d like to see a tiny Kate Middleton please.

It would be amazing to see her with the Queen

Can you imagine a picture of The Queen with her great granddaughter? That's history right there.

Do you think Kate will have a girl or a boy? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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