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Kate Middleton plans Prince George's first Christmas

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Kate Middleton plans Prince George's first Christmas© Getty

Kate Middleton has planned the Middletons’ first royal Christmas with baby George and it’s adorable and we want to hug her and also be invited. We at least need to see a picture of our future King of England as apparently he will be decked in a lion costume while the Royal Family will (be forced to) play silly board games and drink mulled wine. Sounds wonderful to us!

You’d think that the Royal Family's Christmas would be extremely stuffy and all based around the Queen’s Speech, and you’d be right.

According to Look Magazine, now that the Middletons are on board the royal express, apparently Kate has had some ideas to shake things up with a little help from her hubby Will and good old Prince Charles.

Apparently charades will be involved. We need to see this.

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Getty
Prince William and Kate Middleton
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The family will spend the holiday at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk with up to 30 of the Queen’s relatives, including Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie – who we imagine would be excellent at Pictionary – along with the Middleton clan.

An insider revealed: “Kate and Wills obviously wanted both sets of grandparents around for George’s first Christmas.

​“They’re so incredibly excited. Not only is it their first Christmas as parents, but it’s also the first time they’ll all be together. Last year, they spent this time at Kate’s family home in Buckleberry and Harry was working out in Afghanistan. This year, it looks like they’ll all be around.”

Yay! Does this mean Harry will be back from the South Pole by then? We hope so, it sounds dangerous and we’d like him back for Christmas!

Apparently it is royal tradition for gifts to be exchanged among the royals on Christmas Eve, so the crowd will be arriving on the 24th to spend the afternoon eating scones, drinking tea and opening various comedian’s autobiographies (we can only assume this is what they will ask for).

They will then reportedly move to the saloon for some drinks and good old-fashioned holiday fun.

The insider said: “Christmas in previous years has been formal and duty-filled. Timetables and instructions were even handed out to guests!

“But Wills’ Christmas with the Middletons last year made him realise how much more enjoyable the festive period could be and he’s been campaigning with Kate to bring that informal flavour to the royal fold.

“He’s bought a job lot of board games – the sillier the better. The idea is to play games like Pictionary and charades, which will bring people out of themselves. Anything to break the ice really. Harry’s even suggested bringing a Wii console!”

A Wii console everyone! Imagine!

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Getty
Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Not bad William. But we all know that Pippa Middleton is going to also be bringing the fun, as the 30-year-old has reportedly already joined in with the festivity plans.

A friend said: “She has a thousand tricks up her sleeve to make sure everyone has a good time. She’s been busily planning mini Olympics for Christmas Day. There’s a game on the Wii, which lets you try archery and golf – anything you can think of.

"And if it’s not too cold, they can play some proper games outside…I can’t imagine the Queen will be joining in with this part of the festivities!”

Apparently this change in tradition is all because of baby George, who has been a “breath of fresh air in the royal circles.” The insider added: “Everything feels so much younger and more vibrant. There’s a child taking centre stage again – it brings the magic back to Christmas.

"There was talk that Michael [Middleton] had a full-blown lion costume prepared [for George to wear], but he obviously thought that would be out of the question at the Palace. But Wills and Kate insisted they’d like him to do it – and when Prince Charles heard … he was more excited about it than any of them!”

This sounds so cute. What games do you think the royals would like playing on Christmas? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Emmy Griffiths
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