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Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani split? Rugby star in sexy text cheating scandal

by Esme Riley ,
Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani split? Rugby star in sexy text cheating scandal© Getty

It seems Kelly Brook is cursed when it comes to her love life. The gorgeous model is said to be single again after finding out boyfriend Danny Cipriani was sending sexy texts to another woman. But now the rugby ace is said to be desperate to win her back. Don't do it, Kelly!

Kelly Brook has allegedly dumped boyfriend Danny Cipriani after finding out he cheated on her.

The model threw Danny out of the house when she found out he'd been sending sexy texts to Stacey Simcox. She's not spoken to him since.

The Sun alleges that the rugby ace confessed to his indiscretion and said last night: "I can’t believe what I’ve done."

Kelly was snapped looking sad and troubled the day after her fight with Danny, which came just days after they returned from a romantic holiday in Turkey.

Danny is said to have sent dirty texts and photos to Stacey, even when Kelly was nursing him back to health after he was hit by a double-decker bus.

Celebrity Juice panellist Kelly, 33, reportedly found the messages on 25-year-old Danny's phone last weekend.

A friend of the sportsman told The Sun: "Danny is absolutely devastated. He just can’t believe what he’s done - he just wants Kelly back."

Danny Cipriani © Getty
Danny Cipriani
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Danny allegedly contacted voluptuous brunette Stacey after eyeing her up on Instagram.

The 25-year-old has claimed Danny begged her for sex for eight months and even sent her a photo of his manhood.

She told The Sun: "At the beginning he was just friendly and really sweet. He’d ask how my day was and we would just chat away.

"But then after a couple of weeks it got really dirty. He’d send me filthy messages about what he wanted to do to me and begging to meet up for sex.

"One time I was out shopping he sent a message saying, ‘I want to bend you over right now’.

"It got progressively more explicit and I just thought, ‘What a rat’. He’s going out with one of the most stunning and successful women in Britain."

Stacey - from Birmingham - even claimed Danny sent her pictures of his injured face - all while Kelly was tweeting about "making chicken soup" for her recovering boyfriend.

Danny Cipriani and Kelly Brook © Getty
Danny Cipriani and Kelly Brook
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Stacey continued: "I just couldn’t understand why he’d stray. Every man fancies Kelly, but that obviously wasn’t enough for Danny. I think he just liked the thrill of the chase.

"I feel sorry for Kelly. If he’s been messing around with me, how many more have there been?”

Kelly and Danny started dating in 2008 and though they split in 2010 they got back together again earlier this year.

Just last week Kelly posted photos of herself and Danny on holiday, but there's now no trace of these images on her account.

The curvy model also cryptically told her 672,545 followers: "Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons."

And yesterday she posted: "I often wonder if more Girls were willing to be Ladies, would more guys feel challenged to be Gentlemen?"

The posts have since been deleted.

Kelly Brook © Getty
Kelly Brook
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Esme Riley
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