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Made In Chlesea's Spencer Matthews "confirms new girlfriend is Stephanie Pratt"

by Francesca Menato ,
Made In Chlesea's Spencer Matthews "confirms new girlfriend is Stephanie Pratt"© Twitter

How does he do it? Notorious love rat Spencer Matthews appears to have bagged himself yet another hapless lady. This time it's ex Hills star Stephanie Pratt. We're not sure whether Steph's a woman who doesn't mind sharing or if she's just completely deluded and believes - like Lucy Watson - that she can change him.

Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews has earnt himself quite the reputation for his outrageous cheating antics and yet, it looks like he's bagged himself yet another beautiful girlfriend.

What is wrong with these women?!

This time the love rat has been hooking-up with fellow reality TV veteran Stephanie Pratt.

Stephanie once appeared on the Hills and is sister to TV nut Spencer Pratt.

The two Spencer's, (Pratt and Matthews) appeared to strike up a certain level of mutual respect via Twitter.

Whether this brought the new couple together we're not sure but we certainly wouldn't be setting up our sisters with this kind of smarm!

Spennie and his new lady set tongues wagging last week when they were spotted at an event together and have done their best to keep rumours alive.

Taking to social media, Spencer tweeted: "Miss the Pratt."

To which she posted, "miss you too babe", along with a photo of the pair kissing.

They certainly look like more than just friends there.

Spencer's MIC co-star Oliver Proudlock has spoken about his pal and thinks he's got some serious "relationship issues" - girls "shouldn't date him."

The designer told Entertainmentwise: "He is a good friend of mine and I love him, but definitely not, he should stay single,” before adding: "Girls, stay away."

Meanwhile Lucy Watson, Spencer's most recently scorned ex has spoken out about their split and how angry she is about his response since.

She told OK! Magazine: "All these excuses - I'm sick of it. He [said] that he wasn't in love with me, it was 'just lust'. How dare he? I would never get back with him. I can't forgive him."

"I finished it over text. I said, 'Well done. Hope the f**k was worth it. Spencer, you're being dumped for the first time, how does it feel?'

"I feel so sorry for the next guy I date because I am so untrusting. But I'm not cynical enough to give up on love. I know there's someone out there who wouldn't do that to me."

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Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson © Channel 4
Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson
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