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Michael Bublé's angry wife threw his clothes in the pool

by Alison Potter Published on 31 July 2012

There's nothing scarier than a woman scorned, as singer Michael Buble found out when his wife threw his clothes in their swimming pool. But it wasn’t because the smooth crooner cheated on his Argentinean model wife Luisana Lopilato. In fact it was because she was trying to teach him to be a tidier person.

Michael Buble's angry wife threw his clothes in the pool

Luisana, 25, who married the Canadian singer last April, resorted to desperate measures in a bid to stop his messy ways.

She told You magazine: "I got so fed up with Michael leaving all his clothes lying on the floor that I threw them all in the swimming pool.

"I did it several times. I can't say that I have trained him but he tries very hard when he's with me now."

In fact Luisana doesn’t worry about Michael, 36, straying, despite his legions of female fans.

She explains: "I always say it's OK for him to be this romantic idol on stage - that's his job - but not off stage."

Of course, as one of Spanish FHM’s sexiest women and the new “face and body” of lingerie brand Ultimo, it’s understandable that Luisana doesn’t need to worry about her husband straying!

by Alison Potter

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