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Michelle Keegan moving to Essex to live with Mark Wright

by Esme Riley ,
Michelle Keegan moving to Essex to live with Mark Wright© Getty

Celeb world’s hottest couple are getting serious! Michelle Keegan has revealed that she’s leaving her northern roots to move to Essex with boyfriend Mark Wright. The actress’ life is set for an overhaul next year, when she’ll also be leaving Coronation Street.

Michelle Keegan is moving in with her boyfriend Mark Wright.

The Coronation Street actress is leaving the soap in May next year and has decided to relocate down south to be with her man.

She told Hello!: "'We plan to start house hunting over Christmas.

"We’ll have been together for over a year by then and we’ll look at areas around Essex so it’s easy to travel to London.

"I’m really excited about it.”

She added: "I'm 26 and I've only ever lived in one place, Manchester. I've never lived away from home or lived with a man.

"But I've grown up fast over the last few years and know what's right or wrong for me. Now I make my own decisions."

Michelle - who plays Tina McIntyre in Corrie - announced her exit from the soap in April.

She continued: "I didn’t decide to leave because of Mark. It’s just how things have worked out.

"I had actually been thinking about leaving, on and off, for a couple of years.”

Michelle joined the cobbles in 2007 and has since won the title of Sexiest Female at the British Soap Awards no less than five times.

Unsurprisingly, she will have the option to return to the soap that made her famous if she wants to in the future.

Michelle added: "They are leaving the door open for me, which I am very grateful for.

"Who knows what will happen to Tina? You never know with a soap.

"But I’m sure it will be a dramatic exit."

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Michelle Keegan
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Things may be a bit awkward on set for Michelle this week after she got into trouble for accidentally giving away one of the soap's story lines.

The actress tweeted a snap of her co-star Jack Shepherd as they ran through lines in a bar, along with the caption: "Dinner break with @JackPShepherd88 #shisha #minttea #learninglines #Dave&Tina X."

But in the forefront of the picture were two scripts, which keen-eyed fans were able to zoom in on and read.

Though Michelle quickly deleted the shot, she wasn't quick enough and users discovered the result of the paternity test involving Jack's character David Platt.

Fortunately, though, it seems there's some confusion - while a number of fans are claiming the photo declares David is the father, others say the script says he definitely isn't.

Who knows? Read our Corrie spoilers here...

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan © Twitter
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan
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