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New Bum-Enhancing Kim Kardashian Ice Lolly Announced

by Emmy Griffiths ,
New Bum-Enhancing Kim Kardashian Ice Lolly Announced© Getty

Have you ever dreamed about a summer time treat you can enjoy which also gives you the big-bootied figure of your dreams? Then look no further!

This morning Licktators have announced the launch of the Kimsicle, a new marshmallow ice cream made in the shape of that famous Kim Kardashian snap that broke the internet (but not really). Check out the snap below and tell us if you find this as creepy as we do:

But wait, there's more! Not only do you get to suck on Kim's frozen assets, the ice-cream is also packed with wild yam, phytoestrogen, aguage, maca root and hemp protein, and is specifically designed to enhance the ​consumer's bum. Oh yeah, you heard. Want a booty like Kim K? Just swap your regular summer Solero for this and you'll be in business.

Will you be trying the Kimsicle? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

​April Fools!! Sorry folks, you're just going to have to stick to your Magnums!

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