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11 Things We Miss About MySpace

by Emmy Griffiths ,
11 Things We Miss About MySpace

Facebook is fine and everything but nothing will beat our first cautious steps into the world of social media growing up. MySpace was the Instagram of the early Noughties, where block digital cameras were used for bathroom selfies, friends were ranked and your personality was only as good as your MySpace wallpaper. Here's everything we miss about those simper times...

Bringing passive aggressive to a new level with your top friends order

You didn’t comment on my latest photo? Down the pecking order you go my friend.

Logging on to find new picture comments was too exciting to handle

You like me! You really like me!

MySpace Tom and his whiteboard

Oh how we miss you our sweet, sweet unassuming Tom. Where art thou?!

Your ‘About Me’ had to be perfect

It had to be funny, engaging, and made clear that you are fluent in ‘sarcasm.’ Ah to be young and clueless again.

The sheer 'emo' of it all

If you deny having one of these picture on your profile at some point, you're lying.

Taking bathroom selfies had a whole other meaning

As in, you used a digital camera or your amazing flip Motorola then uploaded the pictures using a wire. AN ACTUAL WIRE.

Thanking for the add

‘Thx 4 the add!’ – Things MySpace kids say. Or used to say. Sob.

Choosing a tune to suit your reputation

Your iPod’s most listened to might be the Wicked soundtrack, but your MySpace song was taken straight from Step Up. Because everyone needs to know you’re cool.


This was THE font to you for all your profile needs. Bonus points if it was HTML and sparkly.

You aspired to one day have the PERFECT wallpaper

Your wallpaper defined who you are. A random who kept the standard blue and white background was not even worth the add.

Using insane filters to make your picture amazing

Kendall gets it.

You had heard of Facebook but knew it was for posers

If you have an actual memory of saying: “I’m never going to join Facebook”, then join the sad, uneducated club.

What do you miss the most about MySpace? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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