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30 Of The Finest Man Buns On The Planet

by Emmy Griffiths ,
30 Of The Finest Man Buns On The Planet

Man buns, much like that infamous blue/black/white/gold dress debacle, have divided opinions worldwide. Some think they are the heavenly locks of Mount Olympus and are to be worshipped like the Gods of old, whilst others think they deserve to be brutally chopped off and never spoke of again. Fortunately for all the bun fans out there, we at Sofeminine are lovers, not fighters. So forget hot cross buns, THIS Easter we are celebrating the almighty MAN BUN. Here are our faves...

Zac Efron

We're all in this together when it comes to LOVING Zefron's bun.

This curly haired King


Zayn Malik

HIS MAN BUN IS PRETTIER THAN MY ENTIRE FACE - A One Direction fangirl, presumably.

Jonny Depp

Oh Jonny Depp, we wouldn't boycott you or your people in Chocolat either. Not with that hairdo.

Colin Farrell


This frosty lumbersexual

We can and will live out in the wilderness, living off the land and making clothes out of tree bark if it just meant you kept that bun.

Russell Brand

If Russell Brand can tame his hair, dammit we can tame him. We'll do what Katy Perry couldn't, you hear?!

Ezra Miller

The new Flash can flash us his man bun ANYTIME.

This ripped hunk of a man

Yes, he is ripped. Take your eyes away from his beautiful blonde bun or just one second and you'll see it too!

Alex Saxon

Finding Carter's Alex Saxon might just be becoming a rising star, but he was rocking the man bun WAY before it was cool.

This handsome man

We like to think this guy would write us poetry and make us crepes for breakfast.

Brad Pitt

Losing his bun would be the PITS (that was bad, sorry).

This designated driver


Penn Bagley

Gossip girl Dan Humphrey's hair is full of SECRETS so it makes sense Penn needs to pen it down from time to time.

Bradley Cooper

We thought he couldn't get more attractive, then he fastened his hair into that sweet sweet hairband and magic was made.

Jason Mamoa

The new Aquaman-bun!

This long haired guy's delicious friend

To the other guy: hook us up?

Orlando Bloom

More like Orlando Bloom-ing heck look at that perfect man bun!

This bearded and bunned GOD

We like to think he's thinking about us. All of us.

Chris Hemsworth

Or should we say Chris Hemsworth-y of the man bun

Shia LeBeouf

The beard, the bun, the quirks of a deeply disturbed man...we're in.

This cool kid

Oh so greasy. Oh so FINE.

Jared Leto-us touch your man bun

Jared Leto-us touch your man bun.

David Beckham

It's high time Becks brought this back. For his next H&M commercial. Bun + boxers = what dreams are made of.

This sweetie

A kind face and a man bun. What more could a girl ask for?

Harry Styles

Styling that bun.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Oh Jake, would we were that man bun.

This lusciously locked beefcake who wants to make you tea


Kit Harington


This guitar hero

We wouldn't say no.

Adrian Grenier

We'll be your Entourage Adrian. Say the word.

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