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What The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Look Like In Real Life

by Emmy Griffiths ,
What The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Look Like In Real Life© Netflix

When you are an actor playing a person in prison, the look is simple. No makeup, no fancy hair, and standard, bland, beige clothes. It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, so we wanted to know the difference between our favourite prison inmates looking their prison-worst to their red carpet best. The differences are insane!

Piper Chapman – Taylor Schilling

Although we see plenty of pre-prison Piper in flashbacks, we've never seen her quite so glam!

Red – Kate Mulgrew

Red out of the kitchen and in a ball gown! Thank God she kept the same hair otherwise we'd be so thrown right now.

Alex Vause – Laura Prepon

Alex can make that prison outfit work, but with her glasses and cat flick eye liner ditched she looks like a totally different person!

Crazy Eyes – Uzo Abuda


Taystee – Danielle Brooks

Taystee needs to get out of prison and onto the red carpet where she CLEARLY belongs!

Nicky Nichols – Natasha Lyonne

Nicky's hair is silky...it's not NATURAL!

Pennsatucky – Taryn Manning

Take away the terrible teeth and fanaticism and Pennsatucky AKA Taryn Manning is HAWT.

Gloria Mendoza – Selenis Leyva


Cindy Hayes – Adrienne C. Moore

Cindy actress Adrienne C. Moore looks sensational in prison garb and out! But mostly out.

Daya Diaz – Dascha Polanco

We're not sure if it's the silver hair or the wide grin, but there's no wonder Officer Bennett had his eye on this one!

Morello – Yael Stone

Morello is always made up in prison, so we're MORE shocked to see her away from her red lipstick and pinned hair. What is this?!

Poussey – Samira Wiley

So...Poussey is a BABE.

Sophia Burset – Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox has been celebrated for her role in OITNB, for obvious reasons. Girl is FABULOUS.

Big Boo – Lea DeLaria

Big Boo teaches the world how to wear a suit.

Vee Parker – Lorraine Toussaint

It's Vee, but friendly and smiling! Amazing.

Yoga Jones – Constance Shulman

Can we have a wine and cheese night with both Constance Shulman and Yoga Jones? Please?

Miss Rosa – Barbara Rosenblat

We wouldn't have recognised Miss Rosa.

Tricia Miller – Madeline Brewer

Madeline! NEVER cornrow your hair again, you hear?!

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her @emmyfg

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