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Starbucks Have Made Butterbeer Because Harry Potter Is Slowly Taking Over The World

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Starbucks Have Made Butterbeer Because Harry Potter Is Slowly Taking Over The World

It looks like Starbucks is parading itself about as the muggle version of The Three Broomsticks and you know what? We're actually okay with it. The most Instagrammed coffee in the world has introduced a new bevvie that looks and tastes just as we always dreamed Butterbeer would, and we plan to Nimbus 2000 it to Starbucks to try it ourselves ASAP.

Most bespectacled boy wizards know that the best way to wind down after a long hard day of playing Quidditch, arguing with your Potions teacher and battling the darkest wizard of all time is to settle in with a nice large mug of Butterbeer. Therefore we can only thank Starbucks for bringing a version of it to our unworthy muggle selves.


Named the 'Smoke Butterscotch Latte' - let's face it, 'Butterbeer' is probably copyrighted, the drink is made up of butterscotch sauce, steamed milk and coffee, and sipping it makes us feel like we really did receive our letters to Hogwarts after all and have a fun day of charms and care of magical creatures ahead of us, rather than heading back to the office to do some admin *sigh*.

The only problem is that the drink is currently only available in America (sort it out JK). This is especially uncool as we all know that American witches and wizards are not even worth mentioning (see HP books one through to seven for reference.)


Will you be trying to apparate to the US to find this coffee? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Emmy Griffiths
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