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Taylor Swift uses Harry Styles inspiration to warn trespassers off home

by Francesca Menato ,
Taylor Swift uses Harry Styles inspiration to warn trespassers off home© Getty

Taylor Swift is just one of many celebs out there who've had to deal with a stalker or two. Now the blonde country singer has taken matters into her own hands and added to her intense security system with some jokey signs dotted around her property. The signs contain lyrics from one of her ex-inspired songs.

Taylor Swift used Harry Styles for inspiration when she wrote her hit track I Knew You Were Trouble.

Now she's using the same lyrics to warn trespassers off her property.

The blonde singer has gone to great lengths to attempt to keep her Rhode Island home safe from intruders.

The 23-year-old has added some tongue in cheek signs to various lawns around her beach-front home.

The signs state: "I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING"

The words go out to anyone who is brave enough to try and come up against her round the clock security system that is already in place.

The extra efforts come after Taylor's home was targeted by a late night swimmer.

Two months ago Lucas Vorstevald, 22, swam approximately a mile to reach the Red singer's property.

According to TMZ he was then detained by the country star's security team, to whom he explained that he was "just out for a walk".

Meanwhile Taylor was celebrating the 4th July yesterday by releasing her latest track, Red.

Unlike many of her previous videos, this one appears to make no reference to any past relationships or good guys gone bad...although the song is still about a break-up - of course!

Check out Taylor's new video here:


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