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The Best Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4: Oathkeeper

by Emmy Griffiths ,
The Best Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4: Oathkeeper© HBO

Getting ready for another episode involving the war of words and not much else, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Oathkeeper had plenty up it’s sleeve we didn’t expect, including the big ‘who poisoned Joffrey’ reveal, the most we’ve ever seen of the (terrifying) White Walkers, Bran's storyline FINALLY getting interesting and a cat called Ser Pounce.

  2. · Sibling rivalries
  3. · The big Joffrey reveal
  4. · When did Bran become awesome?
  5. · Brienne hearts Jaime
  6. · White Walker Horror
  7. · Biggest WTF moments...and some questions please


Dany’s conquered another city. Woo.

What's SO sad is that all those longing glances between Grey Worm and Missandei are for nothing....because he's a eunuch. Not ANOTHER doomed romance!

Sibling rivalries

It’s all happening with the Lannister siblings! Cersei is positive that Tyrion is responsible for Joffrey’s fantastic horrific death, and it looks like although Jaime wants to stay in his sister-lover’s good books, he’s siding with his bro.

He also looks like he's about to become pals with Bronn, which I am delighted about.

The big Joffrey reveal

As Littlefinger tells Sansa, he couldn’t have poisoned Joffrey himself.

​The perpetrator is…Lady Olenna! Who guessed right? Drinks all round! We knew loved her for more than just her wit.

Now it looks like Margaery is bethrothed to King Tommen who is what? Ten? Cougar!

I think it's also crucial we talk about how he has a pet cat called Ser Pounce. Ser. Pounce.

When did Bran become awesome?

So Bran became a warging badass and nobody noticed! I'm not going to lie, I leapt a mile when his friend Meera got whacked over the head. And now they are being held ransom at the place Jon Snow is headed? Omg. Does this mean...

Are Jon and Bran going to see each other again?!?! Please yes.

Brienne hearts Jaime

Nothing made us happier this episode than seeing that Pod’s still in the game. And he’s going to be with Brienne, who has got to be in love with Jaime, right? Yay! Line of the night:

“I’ll find her. For Lady Catelyn…and for you.”


White Walker Horror

It was all going on in the North this week, partly because of Bran and Jon but mostly because we saw a White Walker go to what I presume is the White Walker palace and hand over a little baby, who then also becomes a White Walker. Basically, there were a lot of White Walkers.

Biggest WTF moments...and some questions please

- "If I don't return" - WHACK.

- Lady Olenna - not just a Grandma!

​- Will Ser Pounce be a recurring character?

- I think we would have got that Carl Tanner from Gin Alley was a nasty piece of work without him drinking from the Lord Commander's skull. Ugh.

- Was anyone else screaming "LET HIM BE YOU THUGS?!" when Hodor was beaten up?

- I've forgotten - why's Thorne on The Wall again? Isn't he the one who gave Jaime's hand the chop?!

- Are Jon and Bran going to be reunited?!

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Emmy Griffiths
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